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Hi there!  I’m Colleen, a home baker with a passion for learning and improving my bakes… and blunders.  On Bakes & Blunders, you can find all sorts of tasty recipes that range in difficulty, but most importantly, I’ll try to explain every step of the recipe.  Knowledge is power, and when you understand a recipe, it makes a world of difference. If you love baking and want to expand and grow your skills, or if you are a casual baker and just need some pointers, Bakes & Blunders is right up your alley!  Join me on my baking journey and we’ll learn how to make more impressive recipes together.

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I’ve been a casual baker for many years now, I mean who needs a reason to whip up a box of brownies?  BUT, I started to get more interested in baking after I made a pretty awesome Cookie Monster cake for my son’s second birthday. Since then, I’ve been trying to learn and practice new baking techniques and recipes. In fact, in 2019, I was asked to apply to The Great American Baking Show.  I made it through several rounds of the casting process, but was ultimately cut before the final round. It was an amazing experience and made me start tackling pastry, tarts, and other recipes I had viewed as too advanced.

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That Cookie Monster cake set me on my baking journey and The Great American Baking Show kicked it into overdrive, but my family has always made food an important part of any gathering.  When we took a family trip to a beach house in Delaware back in 2011, we spent 8 hours cooking and drinking wine! We always end up talking about making a family cookbook (and starting a cafe and a goat lawn mowing business, but that’s another story), so I eventually said I’d do it.  While working on it, I discovered a passion for cooking, but especially for baking. On Bakes & Blunders, you’ll discover some of these family recipes right alongside macarons, cakes, and more!

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On Bakes & Blunders, you’ll discover a ton of sweet and savory recipes for all skill levels.  You’ll also find helpful tutorials like how to make an isomalt sail or wafer paper roses.

Check out the amazing recipes on my website and subscribe to get access to my exclusive Resource Library!  Don’t know where to start? Some of my favorites are my Strawberry, Champagne, and Rose Macarons, Mini Opera Cake, and Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Looking for baking tips instead of recipes? Hit up How I Find Time to Bake, Baking Tips for Beginners, and Best Basic Baking Tools.  If there’s any recipe or technique you’d like me to try, send me an email or comment on a post. You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter.

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