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How to Make a Simple Wafer Paper Rose

There are several different ways to create beautiful, edible flowers to crown your beautifully baked cakes.  In the past, I’ve tackled gum paste peonies, but today, we’re tackling an even easier technique. You’re going to learn how to make a simple wafer paper rose!  It’s easy and perfect for creating gorgeous romantic cakes.

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What is Wafer Paper?


Wafer paper is an edible paper that is made of either rice or potato flour.  I found mine on Amazon and got a 100 pack for only $20. This will last me a long time, so it was worth the cost!  If you want to start small, you can buy smaller packs by Intricut Edibles.

Rose and Cardamom Cake | Bakes and Blunders
Rose & Cardamom Cake

This paper is very fragile and prone to cracking on its own.  When we work with it to make beautiful wafer paper flowers, we’ll be adding small amounts of moisture to soften the wafer paper and avoid cracks.  But be careful, water can melt it completely!



How to Make a Simple Wafer Paper Rose


This roll up rose is the perfect way to get familiar with creating wafer paper flowers.  I found the original tutorial on YouTube by Windsor Cake Academy.




Wafer Paper Flower Supplies




Trimming the wafer paper to size

  1.  Cut a sheet of wafer paper into a large square.  It doesn’t need to be exact. Then trim off the corners to create a very rough circle.  Again, this does not need to be precise.Cutting and brushing the wafer paper
  2. Begin on the outside edge of the circle and cut a spiral all the way to the center.  Keep this spiral slightly irregular. You can wiggle the scissors as you work your way around the circle.
  3. Carefully use a wide paint brush to apply a generous layer of piping gel to the wafer paper.  This is going to make the paper pliable so that we can bend it without snapping. Follow the path of your spiral to avoid tearing the wafer paper.Simple Wafer Paper Rose | Bakes and Blunders
  4. Starting at the outside end of the spiral, begin rolling up the paper.  It can help to snip the pointy end off and use a toothpick to get the roll started.  As you roll up the spiral, keep one end flat and the other end will automatically flare out and create a flower as you go along.
  5. Adhere the center of the spiral to the bottom of the flower with more piping gel. This will create a flat base for your flower.  Set aside to dry. After an hour, I flipped my flower upside down so the bottom would dry without sticking to my plate. Congratulations!  You’ve made your first simple wafer paper rose!



Tips & Tricks


  • The outer edge of the spiral will be the inner part of the wafer paper rose.  You can keep the outer part of the spiral thin and gradually widen as you cut to create a dynamic flower.


  • Do NOT use safety scissors to cut the wafer paper.  They will break the wafer paper up a bit. Any other sharp scissors should do the trick.


Wafer paper flowers on cupcakes


  • Each flower got easier.  Try one to figure it out, then try a few more to play around with the technique.


  • If the wafer paper rips while you are rolling it up, just stick it back together and keep rolling.  Everything will be just fine.


  • Use different sized squares of wafer paper to create different sized wafer paper roses.



How to Color Wafer Paper Flowers


Wafer paper presents several issues when adding color.  It’s fragile and has an uneven texture for starters, and it’s very sensitive to moisture. But there are a few easy methods.



How to Color Wafer Paper Flowers | Bakes and Blunders


Using Petal Dust


The easiest way to color your simple wafer paper rose is with petal dust.  Use a fluffy brush to pick up petal dust, tap off any excess. Then just brush it onto the simple wafer paper rose.  I like to concentrate the color in the center and work my way out. Go back in with a dark shade of petal dust and use a small tight brush to add the pigment to just the edge of the flower petals to add dimension.

Wafer paper flowers on a chocolate cake

For a more saturated look, combine petal dust and piping gel in a small bowl.  Now use that mixture when you are painting the wafer paper in step 3. It will be more saturated than dry petal dust, but the color will still be uneven due to the texture of the wafer paper.


Touch of Gold


I decided to add a classy touch of gold to my simple wafer paper rose.  First I tested my edible gold paint on a scrap of wafer paper to make sure it wouldn’t disintegrate.  With a tiny brush, I painted a gold trim onto several wafer paper flowers. I also painted the center of some of my small wafer paper roses.

Simple Wafer Paper Rose | Bakes and Blunders

This created a beautiful effect.  I’m not sure what would happen if you used more gold paint though.  It could over saturate the wafer paper, or it may work great. At the very least, it is a great way to add interest and class to a fairly simple wafer paper rose.



How to Decorate a Cake with Wafer Paper Flowers


Okay, now you’ve got an arsenal of wafer paper roses.  Time to decorate! Get creative here and mix up the colors and sizes of the flowers to create a unique bouquet.  Use one or two, or go crazy and cover the entire cake. This is all up to you.


To apply a simple wafer paper rose to your cake, simply add a little bit of frosting or ganache to the flat bottom of the flower.  Gently, but firmly, press the flower onto your chilled cake. Hold for a few seconds and you’re good to go!  Watch my step by step tutorial to see how I make the wafer paper rose and how to apply to your cake.


Stop and Smell the Roses


Simple Wafer Paper Rose | Bakes and Blunders

Get out there and make your own little garden of wafer paper roses with this simple technique.  Experiment with colors and sizes to create a truly unique look. If you’ve mastered this technique, try stepping it up a notch.  Check out how to make a wafer paper ranunculus. It’s only slightly more involved and is another great skill to add to your cake decorating arsenal.


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